Your Medicare Education Solution

At Insurance Branch we believe that every disabled American entitled to Medicare benefits deserves to have access to the resources they need to understand their benefits. Currently, many clients who are entitled to Medicare through their disability benefits are often left to navigate the Medicare enrollment process on their own. We know that trying to meet your client's insurance needs can be overwhelming. You have helped your clients secure their disability benefits. Let us help you close the loop and ensure that all of your clients are enrolled in a Medicare plan that best meets their needs.

Dave Roberts VP of Business Development: David has been involved in the Social Security Disability and Medicare Industries since 2008. He started out working with some of the largest SSDI firms in the country and was able to take his knowledge of post disability award to assist this highly underserved industry. He is also a licensed agent and has assisted thousands of SSDI clients with their Medicare needs. David believes that it is paramount your SSDI awarded clients receive this vital Medicare Education from our company. The platform Insurance Branch has created for this Industry second to none and its crucial that your firm partners with us to make sure your clients have a smooth transition into the Medicare World.