Emily Rapp of Insurance Branch sits down with ethics attorney Barry Johnson of Bennett, Tueller, Johnson & Deere to discuss some of the most important Medicare questions our partners frequently ask. In the videos below we will review whether an ethical duty exists when it comes to assisting clients with their Medicare, if it is okay to share client information, and if it is possible to receive a referral fee.

Is there a Duty to Assist your Client through Medicare?

Attorney Barry Johnson addresses whether or not there is an actual ethical duty to assist clients with their Medicare benefits. In this video we will go over if and why that responsibility may exist and how to safely assist clients through the Medicare process.

Duty to Assist Client through Medicare
Is there a Duty to Assist your Client Through Medicare?

Sharing Client Information

Attorney Barry Johnson answers our most common questions when it comes to sharing confidential client information. In this video we will expand on Rule 1.6 from the Model Rules of Professional Conduct and the importance of protecting client information. We will discuss the special circumstances in which an attorney can disclose client information and suggestions on how to verify compliance with third party consultants

Sharing Client Information

Receiving Compensation

Attorney Barry Johnson answers the most common questions regarding Medicare referral fees. In this video we will define what a conflict of interest is and if it is possible for a lawyer to obtain compensation from a third-party consultant for a referral

Receiving Compensation

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